Redefining digital customer engagement

The COVID-19 pandemic has caught many businesses in the Middle East off guard, prompting them to make immediate changes in their systems and processes to adapt to the needs of the current times. Among various aspects of business operations, digital customer engagement has evolved significantly to keep up with the quick behavioral transformation of their target audiences to ensure sustained brand loyalty, trust and confidence.

If anything, businesses in the region have become aware of the importance of making customer engagement more meaningful and personalized. This entails reimagining customer experience and customer care in ways that have never been considered before. Businesses have examined their old approach to customer satisfaction and happiness, knowing the need to give these benchmarks a whole new meaning to meet their clients where they are - economically and emotionally speaking – during these trying and challenging times and despite the absence of face-to-face and actual physical interaction.

Genuine empathy, sensitivity and concern over their safety, welfare and security have become an important metric when interacting with customers who are using their different digital channels. To be authentic, every engagement through digital platforms should still reflect the brand, what it stands for and its promises and values. However, overdoing things might come off as bland and opportunistic.

Instead of being transactional, communicating with the aim of building relationships is fundamental to digital customer engagement, all the more so during this raging pandemic. With special emphasis on core corporate values, a brand profile should transform to respond to the ever-changing customer preferences and requirements.

How companies act now will have a lasting effect long after COVID-19 is gone. The bottom line remains that the key to a real, outstanding digital customer engagement is still the human element.

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