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Benefits of social media in PR to increase brand awareness and reach

The emergence of social media has revolutionised the way businesses conduct their public relations (PR) efforts. In the past, PR was centred around traditional media outlets, relying on press releases, blogs, and feature articles to garner coverage. However, the integration of social media into people's lives has presented businesses of all sizes and industries with innovative avenues to engage with their target audiences and enhance brand visibility.

Before social media, PR professionals were limited to traditional channels for disseminating brand messages. The shift to social media platforms has allowed PR professionals to directly communicate with their target audiences, breaking down barriers and creating a more authentic connection. The ability to engage in real-time conversations has transformed the PR landscape, emphasising the importance of transparent and meaningful interactions between businesses and their customers. Both PR and social media share the common goal of establishing and upholding trust in a brand and its products. Despite the fact that social media and public relations initiatives need various approaches, they are most effective when they are combined.

The international reach of social media makes it one of the most important and effective tools for PR, as it enables them to create a direct line of communication with customers that previously may have been beyond our capabilities to engage and reach. Both PR and social media are built on communication. However, with 60 per cent of the world’s population using social media, these digital channels can serve to amplify a brand’s message owing to its real-time messaging, making PR stronger and more effective.

Another advantage of social media is that it can assist the content shared via press releases, articles, and other PR-related channels to live longer, circulate more quickly, and reach farther to a more diversified audience. PR used to be targeted at particular audiences. Nevertheless, this target group has now been widened to encompass everyone who is important to a company's success.

Every social media channel, for instance, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, has its own benefits and ways of adding value to the PR plan, enhancing public relations efforts and enabling effective communication with audiences. Twitter, for example, serves as one of the most effective tools at present to share new information, convey messages about a launch or an activity, or provide any updates regarding the company, within the 140-character limit. LinkedIn and Instagram, on the other hand, are considered an excellent way to engage with prominent persons and influencers, obtain major industry insights, increase awareness, and circulate relevant information or updates.

Without a doubt, social media is here to stay and will continue to develop and evolve in the coming years. Accordingly, PR must also evolve in order to maintain synergy and allow businesses to achieve the substantial benefits that could be obtained by utilising these two significant tools.

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